A Seller’s Diary – Month 2 – Making a Decision

I did go along to that “Maximising Value” seminar. Very informative, I must say. I reckon we’re not too badly placed as a business – we certainly have strong customer relationships and run a tidy ship. I do need to improve and formalise the management reporting and have set that in motion. That competitor I mentioned before is still looking to meet up – but I’ve just postponed the meeting pending a “strategy review” as clearly there is an awful lot more to successfully selling a business than I had thought!

Met the guys from Prism. Seemed like a good lot. Sounds like they take a very personalised approach with any business they take on – not just a ‘one process fits all’ outfit. Did speak to someone who sold their business through them and they were certainly impressed. Have arranged another meeting but will bring along my other half – always a good judge. In the meantime business is going well – some new large orders – but now we’ve got to deliver.

Did meet with Prism again and they asked a lot of searching questions – to both of us – and frankly I found them difficult to answer – particularly the “why?” Almost seemed like they were looking for reasons not to sell – which is strange but comforting. We’ve got some further thinking to do and agreed to set up another meeting in 6 weeks’ time.