A Seller’s Diary – Month 3 – Confirm the Decision

Just enjoyed a fantastic week on the slopes with the extended family – even grown up kids will come if I pay! Really must come to a decision regarding the potential sale of the business. Spoke to offspring and they were supportive either way – though being able to take some time off and visit the eldest in Australia is certainly an incentive.

In the end I guess it depends on what sort of offers are forthcoming – I certainly don’t want to embark on this unless I can be reasonably sure that I can achieve a certain minimum.

So, subject to that I have decided to seek an exit but now need to choose an adviser. Have spoken to our accountant but though they have said they’d help it is not their primary role and anyhow I’d like some other independent advice as I go through the process. Did wonder whether to just to go it alone – but if I was selling the freehold I’d use an experienced agent and I guess the same reasoning holds. Also, I am mindful of the discussions I’ve had with various people to date and it does look like this is far from simple process – and I’ve got to carry on running the business too!

I did visit another couple of brokers to compare but have in the end decided to go with Prism. I felt they had real knowledge of the sector and a high level of experience plus some comfort that my price expectation were not out of kilter – indeed might be conservative. Above all, I liked their personalised approach and the fact that that the principals will be carrying out the work – not just delegating it to others. We’ve scheduled a kick-off meeting for next week.