A Seller’s Diary – Month 4 – Getting the Ball Rolling

It is clear that we’ve got a few more things to sort out before we can go to market. Fortunately financial performance is strong, but we’ve got work to do on the sales pipeline and specific contractual terms with some of our customers to name but two. To be honest I’ve been concerned about our new business development process for some time and I’ve set up a team to look at this. I’ve also brought my FD up to date on my intentions and they are meeting with Prism to review the figures and also the action plan to prepare the business for sale.

I was worried about letting him know about my plans, but actually he was pretty positive and at least he should benefit from the existing share options. They say a problem shared is a problem halved and it feels a bit like that. We are however going to keep this very tight as it would not be great if it got out that we were planning to sell.