A Seller’s Diary – Month 5 – Preparing for Sale

One bit of me just wants to get this thing going but Prism are nothing if not rigorous. They keep reminding me that to go off “half cock” is about the worst thing you can do – analogous to launching a new product or service before it’s properly ready – a nightmare in my own experience.

Things are however going on in the background – I’ve seen a draft list of targets and we’ve spent some time discussing this. I’ve added a couple of targets but a lot on the list are not firms I was previously aware of, and a fair proportion are from outside the UK.

The new business development changes are now starting to take shape, and we’ve made some progress on the customer contract terms. I’m expecting to receive a draft Information Memorandum at the end of the month. In the meantime there’s plenty to do to ensure we meet out forecast for the quarter. Onward and upward!