Prism Webinars

A series of live webinars that assess the state of the
Tech sector M&A market and examine how
to utilise time effectively to build stronger,
more saleable businesses.

We all find ourselves in uncharted waters at present, however, there are many things you can do right now to emerge with a stronger business once the turmoil is over.


A series of free live 20-minute webinars (followed by a Q&A) that will assess the state of the Technology sector M&A market and examine how to utilise time effectively to build stronger, more saleable businesses.

How to Maximise Value

– People and Management

Thursday 21 May  |  11:30am

Find out how your approach to people and management affects the saleability and valuation of your business.  As we frequently proclaim: Grow your people, not your ego!


Understand how your management style can significantly affect your business.  As well as looking at you, we explore some of the elements you should consider to make the most of your people and in doing so help to de-risk the business and make it more attractive to buyers.



The Impact of COVID-19 on M&A in the UK Technology Sector

Thursday 16 April

Some surprising findings which highlight the resilience of the Technology sector and the likely impact of the current pandemic on M&A activity and valuations. We will look at previous market downturns, how the Tech sector typically reacts and what businesses might be affected this time. We’ll aim to give you a better understanding about whether or not you can still consider selling your business in the current climate.

How to Maximise Value

– Your Technology

Thursday 23 April

Find out to what extent your Technology influences business valuation and the steps you can take to enhance this. This insightful webinar explores how Technology can impact on the value of your business by looking at it through the eyes of a potential acquirer. It will guide you through the aspects to consider and what to focus on that could help boost your valuation.

How to Maximise Value

– The Power of Your Customers

Thursday 7 May

Understanding how customers and your relationships with them affect value in an acquirer’s mind. A thought-provoking webinar that gives you an insight into how to assess your customer base in a way that a buyer might. We will also look at what you might do to optimise various aspects in order to reduce buyer risk and enhance value.