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What Prism clients say

“Thank you for your and Prism’s help with the sale of our business. I very much appreciated the professional manner in which you ensured continued progress, all the way through to completion. Throughout all discussions and negotiations the availability of your experience and expert advice, offered peace of mind and the perspective that we would arrive at a good outcome – which no doubt, we have.

It was a pleasure to work with you on this project, and I know who to turn to at the appropriate time with my next venture!”

Christian Karg – Battery Force

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Buying a Business

The decision to buy a business is not one to be taken lightly – there are too many examples of acquisitions gone awry, and evidence from public transactions indicates that all too often value is eroded not built.

Nonetheless Business Acquisition can provide a very effective strategy to build critical mass in a business, and become more attractive to larger predators.

Typically a business acquisition involves the following stages:

You should aim to know at the outset exactly what you are going to do post acquisition. The acquired business will be expecting change and if this opportunity is missed whilst examining what you have bought, it may be much more difficult at a later stage.

Prism keep a close eye on business transactions in our chosen sectors and can assist with some or all stages of the process. The fee structure is flexible depending on the assignment.

For further information please contact Peter Watson by email or on 07810 503 964 or request a call back via the Contact Form on our website.