The Prism team has extensive experience of buying and selling technology businesses which allows us to offer further guidance and expertise through a range of additional services.

Management Buy-Out (MBO) and Management Buy-In (MBI)

There are many elements to evaluate when considering an MBO or MBI, from initial assessment of objectives and viability to ensuring the end result is achieved with as little disruption to the business as possible. We can help at every stage.


There are a number of reasons why you may wish to have your business valued. These often include shareholder buy-out or buy-in, in preparation for mergers, or simply to inform the owners of the sale potential.


We strongly believe in providing realistic, market-informed valuations. These consider the elements of your business that will be valued by potential acquirers and those that will detract from value. We also consider comparable deals and prevailing deal activity to ensure we deliver credible and robust conclusions.

Acquisition Review

If you are considering making acquisitions but are not entirely certain that acquiring is the right strategy to fulfil your wider objectives, or are unclear on how or when to proceed, we recommend an Acquisition Review.


This is a comprehensive review to evaluate all options and provide recommendations covering the following elements:

  • Analysis of your personal and business objectives and underlying rationale for acquisitions
  • A review of your financial and management capability and other resources to make successful acquisitions
  • Current market conditions and M&A activity in your target sector
  • Considerations regarding timing
  • Clarification of key acquisition criteria
  • Examples of businesses meeting these criteria
  • Specific recommendations on whether an acquisition strategy is right and how you can maximise your chances of success

We also provide an Options Review service for technology business owner-managers considering selling their business. It provides direction and a roadmap to achieving your financial and other goals. 


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