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Prism Corporate Broking is much more than just a ‘matchmaker’ — we provide extensive advice and guidance throughout the entire business sale or acquisition process. For 20 years Prism has been providing a thorough and personal service tailored to you and your business objectives.

Sell a Technology Business

To set the ball rolling when you are first contemplating the sale of your tech business, whether it is within the next year or in a few years’ time, we suggest a confidential, no obligation chat with us here at Prism. We will discuss your business, your personal and business objectives, share insights into how we work, and answer any questions you may have. In a nutshell, once we have learned about your business, we do everything we can to meet your objectives and secure the best outcome for you and your fellow shareholders.


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Buy a Technology Business

There are many reasons for considering business acquisition, from expanding specific capabilities (such as people or technology) to building scale. We recommend arranging a confidential, no obligation chat with us. Here we discuss strategy, alongside short and long-term objectives, we also share our insights and experience and talk through how we work, as well as answer any questions. Our service is very personal and we do everything we can to secure the best outcome for you. Regarding fees, we ensure we are working to the same goals and structure our fees to align to specific outcomes.


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The Prism Options Review

If you are considering selling your business but are not yet entirely sure it is the right thing to do, the Prism Options Review provides an invaluable and experienced external perspective on your business alongside business insight, valuation and our recommendations for you to consider.


For many of our clients that go on to sell their businesses, this is the first step.


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The Prism Value Maximiser

If you are committed to selling your business, but wish to reach a higher sale price and are willing to continue working to make improvements, then our Value Maximiser process will help you to achieve your goals. During this three-stage process we identify areas of your business that can be improved, help you to make the necessary changes which will increase its value and then support you to sell your business.


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Additional Services

Our experience of buying and selling tech related businesses allows us to offer further guidance and expertise through our range of additional services.


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We welcome you to contact us or arrange a meeting (see link below) with any questions you may have, however you may want to take a look at the list of questions we are most commonly asked.

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