Blog – December 2018

It’s been a very interesting 2018 – and who knows where we might be by this time next year (or perhaps even a month’s time!) but despite all the political turmoil it has been a very busy year for Prism and the Technology sector remains in rude health. Deal flow is strong and the vast majority of businesses we are working with continue to perform well.

We finish the year with yet another completion (see below) and have a number of other interesting projects on the boil for the New Year. And on that note, it has long been the case that the year end is a time for reflection and goal-setting – both personal and business. Maybe you too will be thinking of your options regarding an exit? If so, we would be very happy to have an informal, no obligations chat – whatever your thoughts are on timing. Please do contact us at any point over the coming weeks if you would like to discuss with someone who truly understands M&A (including exit readiness planning) in your sector.

Finally, we wish you and all our readers a very Happy Christmas and prosperous 2019.