Blog – December 2020

Time to Take Stock

For most this has been an annus horribilis (as the Queen might put it) and we all eagerly await the arrival of vaccines and an easing of restrictions.

However, for most owner-managers in the Technology sector business has held up well, with numerous opportunities as the rush to the cloud continues apace. M&A activity has also proved far more resilient than pretty much all other sectors and now is arguably flourishing with the post-COVID world fast approaching.

This all makes it an excellent time to take stock. Owning your own business is a wonderful opportunity but it can very easily become a pair of golden handcuffs too. Is the business still providing you with what you want, financially and in other ways too?

We have always found the personal questions the most difficult for owner-managers. In a continuously changing landscape it is not that easy to work out what you now want – but before you can sensibly consider when is the right time to sell, you need some handle on your key personal drivers. Are you still enjoying your current role? How do you really want to spend the next 5-10 years? Do you feel it is time to de-risk your investment in your business?

We would really encourage you to spend some time during the forthcoming holidays doing a little soul-searching. You might also like to book a one-to-one with one of our Directors of Corporate Finance early in the New Year. We cannot give you all the answers, but we may be able to ask the right questions and help you see the wood for the trees!

In any event have as good a Christmas and New Year as is possible(!). We wish you all a very prosperous and healthy 2021!