Blog – July 2016

blog-iconI have absolutely no intention of writing a partisan piece about the pros or cons of the Brexit decision. As far as we at Prism are concerned, we are where we are and we all need to get on with things rather than either oozing smugness or blaming various demographics of sending us all to hell in a hand-cart. Worst of all is the apparently perverse desire to be proved right, whatever the end result!

The simple fact of the matter is we will not really know what this all means longer term until we get there – and even that can (and probably will) be materially influenced by ‘black swan’ events unrelated to EU membership. About the only thing we feel sure about is that if one continually persists with negative attitudes towards life, the universe and everything (economy assumed to fit into one of more of those categories), it is pretty likely the outcomes will not be too joyous. For most of our audience – private SME technology businesses – we ask: what, if anything, has really changed?

Perhaps the Technology sector is being a little more rational about all of this anyway. I note that whilst the FTSE100 has risen 6% since the Referendum day, the FTSE techMARK is up 10.5% and the FTSE350 Software & Computer Services index up a very creditable 12.6%. Now does that sound like confidence in this sector is falling apart at its proverbial seams.

On a more personal note, we have been very busy at Prism, with one confirmed completion in July and another in the wings. More details on those next time!