Adding Value – Building Essential Credibility and Trust

The quality of the materials you create, and present is absolutely key when building credibility and trust. The Prism team researches, collates and creates essential marketing material to introduce and sell our client’s business to potential acquirers, considering important USPs and differentiators to highlight the true value of the business.

We start with a Business Brief, a simple one-page document that whets their appetite without revealing too much about the business. When further interest is expressed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed to help ensure confidentiality from the outset.
Once an NDA is in place Prism will then have a further conversation with the company to further qualify the prospective buyer’s specific interest, and build confidence that funding is available. Assuming that is the case, we then release a detailed Information Memorandum (IM). This is the main marketing document, it’s comprehensive and details all the key aspects of the business along with supporting evidence. Quality, accuracy and detail are essential at this stage, alongside clarity of the information and how it is presented.
Assuming the potential buyer remains interested having studied and discussed the IM, and assuming the Prism team is confident that the potential buyer is a good fit, the next step is to arrange a meeting between the potential acquirer, the Prism team and any other corporate advisors and the vendors. This is a further opportunity to present the business, often with a few introductory slides to support the information they have already seen, provide further assurance and answer any direct questions.

Often a practice meeting can be very helpful between the Prism team and our client to ensure the right messages are considered and can be conveyed concisely and with confidence on the day.