The Final Lap

Watching the Olympics has been an almost unexpected pleasure – given the uncertainty about whether it would actually take place. Performances from Team GB have been excellent and though some sports such as swimming really seem to have the environment right, others (e.g. rowing) are clearly going through harder times. The impact of culture on performance affects not only businesses!

The Olympics ends as always with the track events and the final lap is the most important – something we remind owners who want to sell their business. By defining a clear goal of selling the business as the finish line we have noticed many business owners discover new energy.

One is also reminded of the “marginal gains” philosophy of David Brailsford, ex British cycling performance director. This is similar to the concept of “squeezing the lemon” – first introduced to me at Cranfield School of Management and I still have the lemon squeeze ball handed to me by David Molian, Director of the Business Growth Programme. Both concepts are about small improvements that together have an impact on performance.

There is still much value that can be added during the final lap to sale, and remember, the more you love your business, the more others will too!