Blog - Feb 2024

How to Spend it!

Insights by Robert Fiske.

We spend our professional lives trying to generate life changing sums for our clients, but rarely do we consider what they should do with the money gained.

We therefore are delighted to welcome Nick Rolf from Investment Quorum (IQ) to this month’s Newsletter. IQ are an independent boutique wealth management firm, with a key focus on Entrepreneurs – and provide their thoughts in the article below on what you might do if you sold your business for £x million.

It does generally pay to avoid hasty decisions. Indeed, we did catch up recently with one of our past clients – who bought a shiny Aston Martin soon after his sale and confessed that he’d ended up selling it and buying a Discovery!

Overall, it’s a good problem to have but after a while it may become a nagging concern, and the returns from the bank may not seem too appealing. Getting some early advice is a sensible option.

To help you get to this point, our forthcoming virtual seminar on 6th February examines what you can do to ensure that your sale is successful – see How To Avoid An M&A Disaster When Selling Your Tech Business. This will be the final one of this series, so if you haven’t come along already, this is your last chance.

Now let’s find out what you could do with your business sale proceeds…

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