Blog - Jan 2024

New Year Action Plan

Insights by Peter Watson.

Firstly, wishing you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Hopefully you got a few days to relax, and perhaps even some time to look critically at your business and consider what it needs to deliver over the weeks, months and years ahead. We generally get an uptick in enquiries at this time as the dawn of a new year encourages thoughts about the future.

If time is our most precious commodity (and its importance tends to be magnified the older we get!) we should be careful to ensure it is well spent.

For some of you, building a stronger, more resilient (and profitable) business will be the overriding driver, but others may be wondering just how much longer you want to be running your business. There are many potential routes to follow – each with their merits. Indeed, one of our clients decided to step right out of the business and appoint an MD to take over – but we strongly encourage you to do something, rather than just fall back into old habits.

With that in mind, we would encourage you to book a 1-to-1 Chat with one of our Directors of Corporate Finance. We can be a valuable sounding board and provide an expert view on your plans and goals and what you should do next. Choose your preferred meeting slot in Calendly here.

If you’ve already come to the conclusion that a future sale is the answer, then do book into our forthcoming virtual seminar on 6 February entitled “How To Avoid An M&A Disaster When Selling Your Tech Business.” You will learn what steps you can take to help your business sale progress smoothly, whilst also starting the internal dialogue which is essential to achieving a successful transition.

Finally, if you have a Software or IT Services business, please do help us understand the current state of the sector by completing our short anonymous survey about how your business performed in 2023 and your expectations for this year: