Putting The Clocks Back

Insights by Peter Watson.

I managed to spend half of last Sunday morning under the impression that it was one hour later than it actually was, but no harm done!

Putting the clocks back one hour is an annual ritual and is seen as a harbinger of winter and colder times ahead. We are clearly about to enter a recession (though I can’t help feeling the Bank of England is using negative rhetoric to help slow the economy), but how will this affect business sales?

There is still time to book onto our webinar tomorrow (see below) where we will discuss this in more detail but our opinion is that activity will continue. However, there will be a move to quality and cash generation will become more important. These factors have certainly been present in the Private Equity space for the last 6 months.

Another factor that affects acquisition activity is the level of corporate lending. Our experience is that there is still plenty of money out there and although interest rates will be higher, for growth businesses with good earnings, acquisition finance is still very much available.

So no need to hibernate – the technology sector remains vibrant and will hopefully be one of the sectors to pull the UK into spring pastures!

Selling Your Tech Business: Timing and the M&A Market
Tues 8 November 11:00-12:00
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How To Get Top Value For Your Tech Business
Tues 28 February 10:00-11:45
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