Take a Break

Hopefully you have all managed to find a small space in Cornwall to relax this summer.

With connectivity now becoming a given almost anywhere, it is increasingly difficult to switch off from business. This is an issue accentuated by the normality now of working from home.

Switching off occasionally from work is undoubtedly good for one’s mental health but also important when selling your business. If you are planning to exit, it really helps to be able to demonstrate that it can run without you.

One of our clients went off for a month to New Zealand and whilst travelling back their hosting operation went offline. This was clearly a major event – and one that only a few years earlier would not have been resolved without his input. However, he was delighted that his team were able to take responsibility in his absence and rapidly sort out the problem with minimal disruption to customers.

Giving yourself a long break and your team a chance to step up to the plate can be a win-win. It gives you a chance to mentally start preparing to have more personal time and also provides useful evidence to acquirers that you are not indispensable, thereby de-risking their position.