Leadership Change

Insights by Robert Fiske.

The pace of change is accelerating – and that is certainly the case for Prime Ministers!

What do we expect from a leader? We appear sometimes to expect them to have all the answers but that is very rare. What we should expect is someone able to gather together a team with differing capabilities and draw on the team dynamics to come up with potential solutions. A leader then needs to decide which path to follow and then communicate very clearly the direction to go in.

I have always felt that a leader should have the ability to say they “don’t know” as this actually enables their team and leads to better and more considered decisions. Leadership is leadership whether in Government or Business (though I accept that the landscape is much more complicated in Government!).

If you are considering exiting your business, you can use your team to help you to make the transition. Clearly every case is different, but where we have seen owner-managers bring their senior teams in on the business sale process, the results have been excellent.

Doing so potentially makes you feel more vulnerable – but might itself be enabling!

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