Blog - Sept 2023

Where Are They Now?

Insights by Peter Watson.

M&A professionals can sometimes be accused of being too deal focussed – once the deal is done our attention goes onto the next one and we don’t wait around to see the results once the dust has settled.

To try to address that we are running a series of “Where Are They Now?” features, looking at the outcomes of our clients’ sales and acquisitions, and what learnings can be taken from them. To kick this off we are delighted to welcome Jason Holloway, Director of Security at Conosco Group, and formerly MD of Bridgeway Security Solutions, who merged his business with Conosco back in December 2021. Conosco is a managed services provider (MSP), whilst Bridgeway was focussed on cyber security.

Now 21 months on, Jason looks at how the integration has gone, what he has learnt about the process of merging two quite different business and what it’s been like for him personally.

In a further piece of introspection, our latest virtual seminar examines problems and issues that have arisen over our 20 years of deal making, it explores what an M&A disaster is and the steps you can take to avoid it! It is unusual to look at things from this perspective, but we believe that anyone contemplating a sale should attend. How To Avoid An M&A Disaster When Selling Your Tech Business is taking place on 10th October. Do hope to meet you then.

So let’s now find out what it has been like for Jason following the sale of his business…

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