Latest Prism Report Shows UK SITS Sector Deals Up 36%

Software & IT Services (SITS) continues to be a strong sector and M&A in this sector is now at a higher level than it was prior to COVID. Research undertaken by the Prism team shows that M&A activity in the SITS sector during 2021, has increased by 36% in the UK and by 28% worldwide, compared to the previous year. The findings of this research are presented in our short report titled “State of Mergers & Acquisitions in the UK Software & IT Services Sector – April 2022”.

The report delves into M&A market trends, analyses key deal activity and identifies notable transactions to illustrate underlying rationale. It also includes the results of our owner-managers survey. It concludes with an eye to the future, giving our insight on where the sector is heading in terms of M&A.

Peter Watson, Managing Director of Prism adds, “If you are a business owner within the Software and IT Services sector this report should provide valuable market insight. Being cognisant of the state of the market is a key component to timing a transaction. We are confident that if there is a desire to exit, or indeed acquire a business, this is a good time to do so.”

You can request your copy of the report here: