Prism Facilitate Sale of Producer of Sports Timing Devices Used by Olympians

We are delight to announce that the Prism team have facilitated the sale of Optimum Time Ltd, a producer of sports timing devices, to specialist e-commerce company B2C Distribution Ltd.

Established in 1996, Optimum Time specialises in developing timing devices for watersports and equestrian eventing. Its “big yellow watches” are rugged, reliable, affordable and designed specifically for use where accurate timing is fundamental to success. Aimed at sailing and equine eventing, they are used by keen sports people all over the world as well as elite competitors, including numerous Olympic medal winners. Optimum Time also produces devices for sports officials, with their Timesaver Equipment having been used at many major events including several Olympic Games.

B2C Distribution, backed by Mobeus Equity Partners, is a specialist e-commerce business dedicated to serving niche vertical markets via its two online shops. The ‘Wetsuit Outlet’ is Europe’s largest supplier of watersports clothing and accessories. ‘The Drillshed’ sells equestrian clothing and equipment. B2C Distribution has been a reseller of Optimum Time’s watches for many years.

Prism is an award-winning corporate finance and broking boutique that specialises in buying and selling technology businesses. The Prism team has provided advice and guidance to Optimum Time’s owners, Tim and Tracey Hawkins, throughout the entire sale process – from sale preparation and identifying potential acquirers, through negotiations and concluding the sale to B2C Distribution.

Tim Hawkins, co-owner of Optimum Time, says “We’ve really enjoyed building Optimum Time over the last 25 years and we are very proud of it. But it is now time for us to retire and hand the reins to a new trusted owner who can continue to support the brand and our customers’ needs in the years to come. We’ve had an excellent working relationship with B2C Distribution for many years and are certain that Optimum Time will continue to thrive under its ownership. Prism have been highly professional and a great support throughout the entire sale process and we are delighted with the result.”

Ian Homan, CEO of B2C Distribution, says “Optimum Time products are leaders in their sports and very popular with our customers. Tim and Tracey have done an excellent job creating a trusted brand supported by products that provide sailors and eventers with the specific functionality they require. We are excited to be taking on Optimum Time and see a bright future for it.”

Robert Fiske, Director of Prism, says “B2C Distribution is a very logical fit for Optimum Time as they both focus on the same sports and customers. I’m very happy to have helped Tim and Tracey in their journey to retirement and in finding the perfect new owners for their business.”

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