Prism Unites Two Specialists in Digital Tourism Solutions

Leading digital developers for the tourism sector, NewMind | tellUs and New Vision Group (NVG), are joining together under an international group structure that will focus on the delivery of digital solutions to destinations across the UK and Europe.

New Mind | tellUs is a global new-media company that specialises in developing solutions in the tourism sector, specifically for Destination Management Organisations (DMO). Established over 12 years ago the company has built strong relationships with National and Regional Tourist Boards, City Councils and Tourism Associations throughout the UK, Scandinavia and Spain.

NVG is an award-winning developer of integrated tourism technology and supplies both software and hardware solutions to Local, Regional and National Tourism organisations, centres and businesses including hotels, attractions and tourism associations.

The two companies have been newly incorporated as Tourism Media Limited. The existing strong brands of NewMind | tellUs and NVG will remain and be enhanced by a wider selection of products and services.

Richard Veal, Managing Director NewMind | Tellus, says “Since the demise of the RDAs, it has been difficult for DMOs to leverage the considerable power that they have as a network. By coming together, we aim to facilitate broader working partnerships that will hopefully benefit the whole industry.”

Ben Tagg, MD of NVG adds “Initiatives such as Crimtan Advertising, Arrival Guides and Fair Booking have for too long only been open to one set of clients or the other. By coming together, we can remove these unnecessary barriers and cultivate an environment of co-operation for success.”

Peter Watson, MD of Prism Corporate Broking, who facilitated the deal comments, “We are delighted to have played a part in bringing together two successful businesses, with strong, yet compatible cultures. I have no doubt that this will enhance services to clients, and provide greater opportunities for the group in the future”

The New Mind | tellUs and NVG subsidiaries will be managed by the new board of Tourism Media consisting of Richard Veal, Andy Abram, Ben Tagg and Michael Borge.