Blog - Oct 2023

Be Prepared!

Insights by Peter Watson.

At a recent Corporate Finance gathering in Cambridge the subject of Due Diligence came up, and in the current environment the importance of preparation was emphasised. Buyers are a little more cautious than in the post-Covid boom, and so it pays to be armed and ready.

Slow due diligence is a notorious deal killer – momentum lost is difficult to re-establish and it is easy for any party to become despondent and consider other opportunities, or for an external event to have a negative impact. A lengthy process is just one of a number of factors that could scupper your business sale. If you’re keen to avoid this and other costly mistakes, be sure to join our forthcoming virtual seminar How To Avoid An M&A Disaster When Selling Your Tech Business on Tues 10th Oct.

Whilst the majority of our work is on the sell side, we do like to have some acquisition work – and it is a good reminder of what is important for a buyer. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing our most acquisitive client, Sean Milbank, Chairman of Milbank Group. They are building a diverse group of businesses, with previous acquisitions including digital marketing and agri-tech.

Sean is a long-term investor, buying quality businesses to keep. To find out more about the trials and tribulations of an acquisition strategy do tune in to the video below. The collective wisdom of 8 acquisitions would be a good starting point for any budding seller or acquirer.