Seminar Success

Prism’s Maximise the Value of your Technology Business seminar was a great success yesterday.

Held at the delightful Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) venue in central London, technology business owners travelled from far and wide to gain valuable insight into how they can maximise the value of their business on the lead up to selling.

Robert Fiske from the Prism team presented a ‘state of the tech market’ update which highlighted essential market intelligence and deal statistics.

Peter Watson followed; he guided attendees through the essential elements required to build value within businesses. This is a highly popular section of the seminar as it provides business owners with a ‘to do’ list of practical things they can undertake that could make a real difference to business value and attractiveness to potential acquirers.

A former client of Prism, from Flint IT, presented his experience of selling a technology business with Prism. He chatted through his five-year exit strategy, his experience of the sale process and provided essential top tips for others who are considering selling.

Peter then provided a walk-through of the sale process and detailed how further value can be added at various stages, looking at it in an acquirer’s shoes which provided some interesting insights. Then Peter discussed valuation and the myths of the multiple and how misleading valuable methods can be, he highlighted the proven approach the Prism team apply to valuations.

James Allen, Partner at Birketts Solicitors presented selling a business from a legal perspective. He provided interesting and often forgotten elements of businesses that need careful consideration prior to selling, with a particular focus on the ‘Legal Reasons Why a Price Reduction Takes Place’.

Finally, Peter presented the sale process itself and the different stages that are involved and, most essentially, who does what.

Feedback from seminar attendees is always first class. Attendees like the detail and insight it provides, giving them food for thought and a clearer vision about the things they can do to help maximise value, and how a professional and experienced corporate broker can add more value, help ease the process whilst keeping it on track and, know what action to take at the right times to ensure objectives are met.

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