M&A Insights – Sales Pipeline

There’s nothing better than a good sales pipeline to engage a potential buyer. A credible sales forecast is a powerful tool to give confidence to a buyer, but this is not something to pull together at the last minute. Start projecting sales on a regular basis...

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M&A Insights – The Power of Customers

Technology may be at the heart of your business, but most acquirers will be at least as interested in your customers as your technology (unless of course it is nascent technology). A good mix and spread of customers will naturally be more attractive than having...

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Blog – January 2020

Is 2020 the Year for Your First Acquisition? When we are initially asked to look at acquisitions for a client, we spend the first few hours exploring why they shouldn’t! This may well employ a version of the ‘5 whys’ - an established methodology to get...

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M&A Insights – Establishing Credibility

Many buyers see the acquisition of smaller businesses as potentially more hassle than for larger ones and therefore it is important to establish the credibility of the business at an early stage. Buyers are generally cautious, especially when reviewing the acquisition of owner-managed businesses. Establishing...

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Blog – December 2019

Firstly, season's greetings from all at Prism Corporate Broking! 2019 has been a year when despite everything that politics and “uncertainty” could throw at it, the Tech sector has remained remarkably resilient. In truth the opportunities are enormous, and Brexit or Remain, the impacts of the...

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M&A Insights – Are Your Ducks in a Row

A tidy business contributes hugely to an effective sale and there are plenty of things to consider and implement to ensure your sale process goes smoothly from the very beginning. It’s mostly in the preparation – we all know the ‘6 Ps’ rule (perfect preparation...

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M&A Insights – The Elevator Pitch

Basic but so essential, is the ability to describe your business succinctly to a potential investor or anyone for that matter? This is the classic ‘elevator pitch’ – it needs to be concise, brief and gain the interest of people so they become more inquisitive....

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Prism Sponsor Brigantia Partner Day

The Prism team had a successful day at the Brigantia Annual Partner Day yesterday at the iconic London’s Living Room located at the top floor of the new City Hall, London. Prism sponsored the annual get together, it was a day of sharing knowledge and networking...

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