M&A Insights – Managing Buyer’s Suspicions

Buyers are cautious and suspicious. Do you know how they think? Over the many years we have been buying and selling technology businesses we have learnt how to recognise, and more importantly, overcome initial doubts that we encounter from potential buyers. It’s all about evidence, if you...

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Blog – February 2020

Negotiating an Exit Well the UK has now officially left the European Union but negotiations are far from over. Whilst a few marked our departure with celebrations, for most it passed largely unnoticed – which is unsurprising since we are, until 31 December 2020, effectively operating...

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M&A Insights – Timing Your Exit

Is it the right time to sell my business? This is a question we are asked all the time. We see three principal elements that should help inform the decision to sell: Personal timing (ie. your objectives) Business timing (ie. its current performance & immediate prospects) Market timing (ie....

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M&A Insights – Your Technology

The value of a business can be entirely in its technology – but that is rare. Most acquirers are more interested in how the technology is being used to keep customers happy. That said when technology is a key part of the deal there are...

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M&A Insights – Management Information

For some management information can be as simple as a monthly P&L or weekly cash flow forecast, however identifying key forward looking metrics within specific areas will not only display confidence in a potential acquirer’s mind, it will also evidence sound business processes and management. Monthly...

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M&A Insights – Sales Pipeline

There’s nothing better than a good sales pipeline to engage a potential buyer. A credible sales forecast is a powerful tool to give confidence to a buyer, but this is not something to pull together at the last minute. Start projecting sales on a regular basis...

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M&A Insights – The Power of Customers

Technology may be at the heart of your business, but most acquirers will be at least as interested in your customers as your technology (unless of course it is nascent technology). A good mix and spread of customers will naturally be more attractive than having...

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Blog – January 2020

Is 2020 the Year for Your First Acquisition? When we are initially asked to look at acquisitions for a client, we spend the first few hours exploring why they shouldn’t! This may well employ a version of the ‘5 whys’ - an established methodology to get...

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